You have a bit Got it.

Pointing and laughing is my way of saying, 'I appreciate what you're bringing to the table'.

#BallerNotCollector #RealTalk #SorryNotSorry
My favourite Russian.
Her voice was much, much clearer than this pic. #MsLaurynHill #Palais

“What happens when ships go over the horizon? Do they disappear because there are waterfalls there?”

—   (via overheard-at-school)

I believe the children are our future (???)

We wear out ALL kicks #ballers #lolz

You are right, Ron Swanson. You are always right. #SkimMilk

My new mug is so adorbs. I shall call him ‘Fra. Pacino’

Just like Batman! 

What a man, indeed. *SWOON*


Just like Batman! 

What a man, indeed. *SWOON*

On a serious note, I sincerely wish you all a joyous Easter. May we rejoice in Christ’s Resurrection but never forget his Passion. And may we strive to become worthy of this gift of salvation every day.

Remember that because of God’s infinite Goodness, ‘we reap what we have not sown’. +AMDG+ +JMJ+