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Freedom time.

Some people say that God is a tyrant. That He doesn’t let us do what we want. I say we’re more imprisoned by the laws of man than the laws of God.

I can’t park my car in the same place for more than 2hrs. If I do, I have to pay a fine of $74.00. THAT’S tyranny. When God gives the commandment that I can’t murder another person, that’s not tyranny, that’s salvation.

He gives us the Commandments and the precepts of The Church so that we’re free to do GOOD and not evil. Because we’re made for good and not evil. People talk about God giving us Free Will to justify questionable (or outright evil) behavior, and then these same people will curse at that same God when tragedy befalls them, asking why God allows such evil to occur.

Let’s be clear on this point. God does allow free will, but in allowing free will, we are free to do good AND evil. So it isn’t God who allows evil, it’s us. We choose to do evil. We choose to abuse the free will that we were given to choose good. You may then ask why does God bother to give us free will if it’s only supposed to be used for what He wants it to be used for (good). Because again, He is not a tyrant. He will not force us to love Him.

Forced love is not love, it’s dictatorship. Coerced love is not love, it’s manipulation.

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My favourite Russian.
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“What happens when ships go over the horizon? Do they disappear because there are waterfalls there?”

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I believe the children are our future (???)

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You are right, Ron Swanson. You are always right. #SkimMilk

My new mug is so adorbs. I shall call him ‘Fra. Pacino’